July 18, 2024

What are the Type of Samples Used for DNA Testing?

Once you have decided to undergo a paternity test, then you may come up with queries about how’s, where’s and when’s of the process. The main concern that people have is that would the process be painful for the child. There are many processes to get a good amount of DNA, but many fear it to be a blood sample test. Luckily, almost every DNA testing doesn’t need a blood sample, prenatal testing being the exception. We have listed some of the most commonly used ways of gathering DNA samples with pros and cons of each. Read on.

Saliva samples


  1. Samples can be easily gathered and painlessly with zero need of needles.
  2. It is quite easy to collect a good amount of DNA with a small sample.


  1. It is hard to collect saliva samples from a young child or a newborn.
  2. These samples are easily prone to contaminate quickly.
  3. The equipment required to collect the saliva sample is an important expense that would affect the overall costs of a test.
  4. It would need a special receptacle that would encompass a liquid preparation to keep the DNA sample safe.

Blood samples

When it is necessary:

  1. When it comes to prenatal paternity testing, you need a blood sample drawn from the mother of the fetus as we need to have access to the baby’s cells found in the mother’s blood. The fetal cells give us the DNA profile of the child to be compared with the DNA profile of the alleged father. The alleged father would still use a mouth swab for the test.
  2. When the alleged father has passed away, the coroner takes the blood sample as the part of a postmortem and this is the only viable and possible sample that can be obtained for the test.


These samples never get contaminated.


Many people are scared of needles that can prove this process stressful and painful as well. The blood sample should also be preserved cold, so the chilling mechanism is needed which is tough when transferring the samples to the lab.

Cheek swabs

The home paternity test comes with 3 sets of buccal or cheek swabs, with each set having 4 individual sets. Buccal swabs aren’t just ordinary cotton buds, they are composed of a synthetic fiber that captures the cheek cells effectively when it is rubbed against the mucous membrane present inside the cheek.



  1. Swabs are effective and inexpensive to buy. Each person is provided with 4 swabs to make sure that the lab has a good sample to test on.
  2. As the swab doesn’t cost much, they don’t affect the cost of paternity test at all.
  3. It is easy to collect these samples and they are completely painless as well.
  4. Swabs can be used on newborn babies too.
  5. They are so stable that when you preserve it in cool and dry conditions, they tend to last up to 6 months in their paper swab envelopes, once the DNA sample has been gathered.
  6. It is more cost effective and a rapid way for the lab to extract the DNA from a cheek swab rather than a blood sample.
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Is This the Solution for Hair Growth?

There is still so much we don’t know about cannabis and the potential benefits it can offer us for a whole host of medical conditions. It is thought cannabis can have a positive effect on everything from stress, to arthritis to cancer. But, is it able to help promote hair growth?

Recent anecdotal evidence seems to point to this fact, according to Cannabis.net. From the bank of evidence we have examined online, it seems to suggest that the hair of cannabis users grows faster if cannabis used from three to five times a week. Can the cannabis be directly attributed to the growth?

The Effect on Testosterone and Estrogen

It is generally agreed that when a patient uses cannabis on a regular basis, that the levels of testosterone reduces and Estrogen subsequently increases. Of course, this is not always the case, but for the vast majority of people, this is what is commonly seen. High Estrogen levels are known to result in increased hair growth, but this does come at a cost. This is because high levels of Estrogen can result in bad period and cramps. Men don’t escape these problems, as high Estrogen levels can in some cases trigger baldness. While Estrogen could increase hair growth in the short term, it shouldn’t be considered as a long-term solution because of this baldness side effect.

Why Maintaining a Healthy Metabolism is Important?

If you are looking for other ways to promote hair growth, you may wish to consider looking at your own body’s metabolism. If you use cannabis, you will notice that there is an increase in your metabolic rate. This in turn triggers fast digestion and the body works at a faster rate overall. To guard against the negative impacts of this quicker metabolism, we would recommend that you take in antioxidants, such as Schizandra.

Reduce Stress

If you suffer from a lot of stress on a day to day basis, this could result in hair loss if it is prolonged. Cannabis is known to help with mental illnesses such as depression and reduces stress that people may experience.

Because of the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis as a treatment for hair loss, more research is required. For more information, check out https://cannabis.net/blog/opinion/the-benefits-of-hemp-for-your-hair-and-skin.

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Hack: What to Consider Before Choosing Physiotherapist

There are inevitable situations where you might need to visit a physiotherapist. An example is when an aged person is having a dysfunction mostly due to stroke. However, it is necessary that you visit a reputable physiotherapist. Most Perth physiotherapy experts work under a hospital or health facility, so you might have to find a good hospital before you get a reputable physiotherapist.

Be that as it may, there are factors that you must consider before hiring a physiotherapist. They include:

Choose Only a Registered Physiotherapist

Although most physiotherapists that work under a hospital are qualified, you can still make sure of this by thoroughly assessing the qualification and the license to practice.

Working Hours of the Physiotherapist

The working hour of a physiotherapist would actually say a lot about how considerate the physiotherapist is. Good physiotherapists would be able to make out time for patients, even if it is not at their comfort. So before choosing a physiotherapist, make sure that they are willing to sacrifice time for the patient.

Area of Specialisation

Make sure that the Perth physiotherapy professional is a specialist, as some hospitals might make use of other doctors that specialise in a different aspect. Although the doctor may have the basic knowledge of physiotherapy, it can’t be compared to that of a specialised physiotherapist.

Use of Private Room Treatment

Make sure that the physiotherapist makes use of a private room for the patient’s examination. This would enable patients to talk more freely about their difficulties. However not all hospitals have the luxury of a private room for treatment, but physiotherapy Perth makes sure that this is a very important recommendation.

Schedule of the Treatment

It is important that the hospital has a treatment schedule plan that they stick with. However, the patient can make adjustments to the plan with the consent of the physiotherapist. Should in case the patient has a reason to miss any of the appointments, the physiotherapist must have prior knowledge.

One on One Examination

It is essential that the physiotherapist alone examines the patient. Ask questions about this before hiring physio Perth, because in some hospitals more than one physiotherapist can attend to a patient. However, this is different from a physiotherapist personal assistant as most of them make use of one. The job of a personal assistant is not to oversee patient examination, as they only help in minor things like setting up a treatment table and preparation of therapy.

Choosing a Physio Close to your Residence

Finally, you have to consider how far the physiotherapist is from your house. This would prevent you from going through undue stress that might extend Perth physiotherapy treatment time.

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