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March 4, 2024

Supplements are proven to help you with many aspects of your life, from dieting to skincare and anything in between.

They can also help with how you act and behave, not least in the world of online gaming. There are many forms of online gaming; eSports, iGaming and just plain old gaming with friends, but it is serious business for many.

Prize funds for eSports, such as Dota 2, can reach $40m in big tournaments, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The World Series of Poker is going on in the US this fall, and it too offers big prizes, allowing people to qualify via their home computers. Even those who don’t play to that level often find themselves sitting in front of a machine playing for much smaller sums, but it is still a nervy affair. There are many ways to take your poker playing to the next level or improve your chances in a first-person shooter, but which are the real deal and simply advertisers bluffs? Which supplements can help you with your chosen online gaming pursuit, be it poker, eSports or just a social gathering of friends?

We have selected three you should seriously consider.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has proven quite effective in helping those with Alzheimer’s, but that’s not where it can help gamers. The ginkgo tree is native to China, but extracts have been proven to help with blood pressure and cortisol levels. When we game, we can get stressed, especially if we’ve been dealt a bad hand in poker and look like losing chips. Ginkgo Biloba can help, as it is proven to drastically lower blood pressure and cortisol, making you feel much less stressed. It would be best if you looked to take around 120mg an hour before you play, and it is safe to take once per day at that level.


DHA is a type of fish oil, which is known to have many health benefits. It is especially good for the heart and cholesterol levels, which might be something gamers pay close attention to, given their sedentary position for much of the day. DHA can also help with memory, and that is where it can benefit gamers. There are obvious benefits for poker players here, knowing your opponents and their playing strategy can be a challenge, so better memory is essential. With other games, such as Call of Duty, a memory of maps will give you a competitive advantage as well. Using 2g per day is a good place to start.

Rhodiola Rosea

Online gaming can cause heavy fatigue; you’re playing for long periods, often deep in concentration and shutting out everything other than your screen. Fatigue comes quickly, and if you’re not quite awake, you can make mistakes. That might mean missing a kill on Call of Duty or making the wrong poker bet. To combat that, you might try coffee, but caffeine can raise stress levels, so why not turn to Rhodiola Rosea. Studies have proven it reduces mental fatigue and increases endurance. That’s perfect for a gamer who is committed to a long session and needs to stay sharp. Anywhere from 300mg to 600mg is recommended; anything above that has not proven to increase how effective it is.

If you wish to know more about supplements, we’ve also covered dietary supplementing in a recent article, which you might find interesting.

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