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April 12, 2024


Imagine taking a bite, and suddenly your crown falls out.  If this happens, the first thing is to retrieve the crown and keep it safe for your dentist. There are chances it can still be fixed back, and cases can’t be fixed, but this depends on the dentist. Dental crowns are made to last longer, yet that doesn’t mean they can’t be lost or get off the tooth unexpectedly when you eat a soft or sticky meal like starburst or Licorice. A crown can also fall out if the enamel is beginning to decay. Below are steps that you need to take if this happens

Step One: Contact your Dentist

Contact your dentist when your crown falls out because the fall-out crown requires emergency attention. The underlying tooth may be weak and unsafe. It is essential to get the crown fixed as soon as possible when this happens.

Step Two: Rinse off

If your crown is still in good shape, it is possible to fix it back to your tooth. With this method, you tend to save money and time. You need to rinse it off with warm water because it must have been dirty or covered in food. Protect it very well either with a plastic bag or container, and bring it to the dentist so it can be fixed back to the tooth.

Step three: Protect until your appointment

Try to fix an emergency dental care on the same day this incident happens because the underlying tooth is bad and soft now that the tooth is not covered by the crown. If the damaged tooth is hurting, you should get temporary dental cement from the pharmacy. This protects the tooth with a protective coating.

Another option can be to get a dental wax that you can also get from the pharmacy. Forming a lump of wax is all you need to form around the tooth; it will be protected temporarily. Until you see your dentist, you should avoid chewing with that side of the mouth. You also need to be gentle while brushing your teeth.

Step four: Ensure to see your dentist on the same day as the incident.

Make sure you see a competent dentist if your crown falls off. If the crown is still intact, the dentist will reattach it with dental cement, which will last longer. Most times, reattaching the crown is not advisable due to the crown or the tooth being badly damaged. If that’s the case, the dentist will discuss the best option for your lost crown replacement.

Dentist treatment when a crown falls out. 

The dentist will examine the tooth and the crown itself when your crown falls off. However, this depends on the status of the mouth and crown; the dentist will decide if it needs to be restored or get a new one.

There are suggestions that an existing crown can still be helpful even if the underlying tooth is badly damaged, but this needs a little work before it can be fixed. However, if the underlying tooth is terrible, you need a new crown to get a good fit.

The dentist will prepare your tooth by filling it with filling material to make it a perfect fit for a new crown. But the dentist will give a temporary one pending the time the new crown is ready.

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