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March 4, 2024

Many people cringe at just the thought of visiting a dentist. They have probably had a traumatic experience with one. Our teeth and gums are very sensitive, so it is important that you choose a dentist that always puts their patients’ health and comfort during procedures as top priorities. These are the very traits you can find in Dr Kelvin Khng of Prostho Dental Office in Singapore. What are other things you should look for when choosing the right dentist? Scroll down to find out.

Tips when choosing the right dentist


It is recommended by dental health experts that we get our teeth and gums checked by a dentist at least twice a year. Brushing, flossing, and gargling with mouthwash everyday are not enough in keeping our oral health in the best shape. There are areas in between the teeth that we may not reach fully or there may be symptoms of gum conditions that we are not aware of that could become full blown and lead to teeth loss. These are the things that your dentist can monitor for you and more.

So, how do you choose the dentist that is right for you? Here are some tips:

1 Look for referrals


Your first step to finding the right dentist is to make a list of referrals that you can source out from family and friends. You may also ask for recommendations from other healthcare providers. If those are not enough, a quick Google search should do the trick. A lot of dental clinics have websites online.

2 Know the dentist’s credentials thoroughly


Once you have your list of names, research about their education, specialization, board certification, skills, and years of experience. These will confirm that the dentist is qualified to practice dentistry and has the knowledge and expertise in their field and chosen specialization. It is also important to know if the dentist has any history of disciplinary actions or malpractice. These are red flags, so you may want to scratch that name from your list!

3 Consider specializations


Some dentists get further education and training to specialize in a certain branch of dentistry, such as endodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, etc. This is especially helpful when you have certain conditions or would like to proceed with other dental treatments in the future. Knowing about the specialization and experience of a dentist in a specific field will let you have an idea of how your dental work will turn out.

4 Assess ways of communication


The dentist that you choose will become your partner in maintaining your oral health. It is imperative that you find one that you are comfortable talking to as you will share personal information with your dentist as you go along with your treatments. You can do this by setting up an appointment. During this initial consultation, come in prepared with questions to ask. Observe how the dentist responds to your questions. You want to choose a dentist that will not make you feel embarrassed about asking questions—no matter how trivial they may be, make you feel rushed or look disengaged during your conversation.

5 Gender matters


Being comfortable with your dentist is essential. Considering the gender of your dentist can be a factor that could influence your dental experience. Men and women dentists may have different ways in caring for patients opposite their gender.

6 Ask about Telehealth options when consulting


Technology has come a long way and has opened a lot of possibilities not only in treatments and procedures used in dental health. Telehealth is a way of communicating with your dentist or other medical professionals through telecommunications like text messaging, video or voice calls using smartphones, and even email. This is very convenient, especially when your concern does not really require an in-person visit with your dentist. This also saves a lot of time, effort, and money as you won’t need to travel to your dentist’s clinic.

7 Checkout the dentist’s clinic


If the tools or technology in the dentist’s clinic date back to the Jurassic era, you may want to consider visiting another dental office. Cleanliness is next to godliness, as the word goes—be sure to check how clean the clinic is. A plus point is when a dentist has equipment like digital x-rays and intramural cameras on hand. This means that you will not have to find another place to get procedures or tests done that require the use of these devices.

8 Access to the clinic’s location


While we are on the matter of checking out the clinic, do not forget about considering the convenience of accessing the clinic’s location. Observe the neighborhood where the clinic is situated. Is it located in an area that is safe? How long does it take you to travel from your house or office to the dental clinic? If the clinic is located inside a building, is it easily accessible? A clinic that is located on the fifth floor of a building without an elevator will not help you at all, especially when you are nursing a toothache!

9 Review your health insurance coverage


Having a dentist that participates in the type of health insurance that you have is an advantage as this can cut your expenses when paying for treatments or procedures out-of-pocket. But remember that this should be the least of your concern. The service dentist whose practice is within your health insurance coverage, but does not have the credentials, knowledge, and experience to provide the treatment that you need will just be a waste of time and money.

10 Read reviews


There are websites online that track reviews given to medical professionals. You can look at the names of the dentists that you are considering and read about reviews from patients that have been or are still under their care. Read and take note about the pros and cons that patients have said about them.

Final note


You do not have to worry about trips to the dentist if you land the right dentist to treat your needs. The task of finding one may be overwhelming, but hopefully the tips provided in this article makes it a whole lot easier for you. Good luck!

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