May 24, 2024

Having glowing and clear skin is a dream for all of us. But, as a nightmare, acne comes. Even if you hate it more than you hate that clingy female best friend of your boyfriend, acne keeps entering your life. Those irritating spots remain visible on your face everywhere you go.

No, we can’t help you drive that clingy girl away from your love life, but we can surely tell you the quick and easy ways that allow you to manage acne:

Firstly, why does acne appear?

Well, there are several myths about that. Some people think that staying unclean and eating greasy food are the reasons causing acne. But it’s not true. People with a genetic tendency to form greasy skin and blocked pores tend to have more acne on their skin. These blockages don’t let sebum leave the pores, resulting in numerous bacteria trapped in the follicle. Your body sends white cells to fight these bacteria, and inflammation occurs.

How to keep acne away from your skin?

There are many acne remover products available on the market that are a blessing for your acne. You can consult with a certified dermatologist and purchase the medication they advise. Along with that, follow the below-listed tips to fight acne.

  • Exfoliate:

Regular exfoliation unblocks pores and resists new spots from showing up. We suggest you use natural, light, and nut-shell-based scrub twice weekly. Remember that too much exfoliation aggravates our skin which leads to more inflammation. Avoid using harsh scrubs because they might damage your skin barrier.

  • Include these foods in your diet:

Foods like blueberries, kidney beans, avocados, and almonds help to lessen inflammation. Eating these foods every day prevents inflamed and painful spots on your skin.

  • Exercise:

For a healthy and beautiful body, exercise is a must. People believe that sweating that comes from exercise could cause more acne. In reality, nothing could be more wrong than this idea. Exercising every day helps you stay fit, and sweating unblocks the pores.

Note: Always wash your face and body after exercise before the sweat dries up.

  • Keep your hair clean.

The cleanliness of your scalp and the health of your skin is eternally correlated. Wash your hair regularly and take good care of your scalp. You can install any hair growth app from the play store to get regular reminders to take care of your hair.

  • Enjoy the sunlight but avoid sunbeds.

Sunshine is vital for our body as it’s a prominent source of vitamin D. it strengthens your bones. Staying 15 minutes under the sun dries out the acne-causing sebum. However, staying longer in the sun impacts adversely by blocking the pores and tanning the skin. Always wear sunscreen with a high SPF before stepping into the sun and reapply it every 2 hours.

  • Take a shower once a day.

Taking a shower is very important to maintain hygiene. Sometimes, we prefer taking a shower twice a day, before leaving home and after coming home. But, over-washing irritates the skin. As a result, inflammation occurs and exacerbates acne.

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