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April 12, 2024

Foot ulcers are a break on the skin that begins normally like any other wound. However, this particular injury does not heal after a few days. The wound might get worse as the days go by.

These types of injuries are common in diabetics as they have a level of sugar in their blood that leads to a slowdown in the circulation of blood.

These foot ulcers are most common on the toes and the sole. It is also crucial to note that foot ulcers could lead to a bone infection.

Some of the common symptoms of foot ulcers include:

  • A lot of effluent from the wound.
  • Peculiar inflammation.
  • The awful smell from the infected foot.

Those are some of the signs that one can easily notice. Once any of those symptoms are experienced the patient should promptly seek medical attention.

The doctors will advise the patient on the best foot wound care that will have your foot looking as good as new.

The following are some of the treatments used on foot ulcers:

Reduce the time spent on your feet

This would ensure that there is little pressure being applied on the feet hence the ulcer will not enlarge and the infection would be less likely to spread to other areas of your feet.

It should, however, be noted that it would be advisable for the patient to try to move around to avoid getting bedsores.

Use of the medication

As mentioned earlier it would be a wise decision for the patient to consult with a medic. The doctor should be able to prescribe medication that would help fight against the bacteria causing the infection.

This would also be a safer option as the doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate medication to take especially if you have any underlying conditions.


A medical practitioner may advise you to undergo surgery to remove the ulcers. However, it would be best to seek this as a last resort if other treatments do not work.

If you decide to have the surgery done it would be best to look for an experienced surgeon who would ensure that your foot ends up in good shape.

There are certain preventive measures that the patient could take to ensure that they do not end up with foot ulcers.

These measures include:

Maintain a high level of hygiene- hygiene has always been emphasized as a factor to maintain good health. It still applies to foot ulcers. It is advisable to maintain clean feet by washing them daily.

Wear shoes of the correct size- sometimes these foot ulcers may occur due to the feet being compressed and lack of proper blood circulation to the feet. You should, therefore, always have the size of your feet in mind as you purchase shoes.

Regularly visiting your doctor- everyone should make sure that they incorporate a visit to the podiatrist in their monthly physical examination. This would help in diagnosing any issue early before it gets worse.

Ensure your feet are desiccated- wet feet are more prone to get infections hence it is always best to keep your feet dry.

With the above measures, you should be able to steer clear of foot ulcers.

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