May 24, 2024


The field of psychotherapy is a rather broad one. Psychotherapy on its own is a field under psychology, and under the field of psychotherapy we have several sub fields. This makes a career in psycho therapy quite broad and interesting, because in the real sense of it, we have various types of therapists. We have social workers (clinical), we have mental health counselors, we have psychiatricnurses, amongst many others common types of therapists that you can find.

To become a therapist, there are certain things that one must do.One of such is having a degree in relevant fields.Such fieldsinclude but are not limited to either medicine or psychology.Howyou go about your career as a therapist is determined by what you have studied or the degree that you have.And, of course, how well you do in your NPTE.

There are numerous subfields under psychotherapy.Just in case you are yet to make up your mind, perhaps this will help set you on your way.

Most common types of therapists

Perhaps you enjoy assisting and listening to people, and you are a student of psychology.You just might be a good candidate to become a therapist, but what type of therapist would you want to be.The following are different types of therapists:

Psychiatrists; are the types of therapists that often take careof and treat people with several types of mental disordersand breakdowns.Foryouto be certified as a psychiatrist you need to have a doctors’ degree i.e., be a doctor of medicine,this would require nothing less than five years of study and a couple of additional years for residence.

Clinical psychologist; also, in this field a doctoral degree is required and as a clinical psychologist you would help your patients to maintaina stable emotionally and mentally balanced life which will, in turn, lead to a happier and healthier life for your patients.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners; are the types of therapists that address mental health issues mostly withthe use of psychotherapy.They are more often than not in private practices.Conventionally a mental health nurse studies the behavior or to put it more correctly, studies the mental behavioral patterns of their patients over time and comes up with a diagnosis and also a treatment plan for the said patient. For you to be a PMHN you need to have at least a master’s degree.

Clinical social worker; it would make sense that a clinical social worker is often taskedwith providing very important services to the community,like helping people struggling with addiction, poverty amongst social problems. For you to become a clinical social worker, you also need to have a master’s degree.


In conclusion, therapyas it’s been mentioned above is a very vital mechanism in every community, region, country, and even the world as a whole.This is because mental breakdown or disordershavemade people dabble into veryregrettable things.But with professional diagnosis and prognosis, many individuals have gotten better and this is often no thankstoprofessional psychotherapists.

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