May 24, 2024

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be prepared to take on the unexpected. While this does not mean you get paranoid and stock up on everything under the sun, but to be able to at least cater to the initial mishap one should have a few medical essentials at home at all times. People do not go running to doctors if they feel a slight muscle pain, have a stuffy nose (which is inevitable in every household during winters), a slight fever or get slightly bruised while playing.

However, one must have enough medical essentials such as an antiseptic cream, muscle relaxants, Disprin, Bandages, a thermometer to take initial care of the problem at home. If someone is diabetic or has any particular condition like thyroid or high blood pressure then depending on that one can arrange thyronorm, BP medication, BP machine, glucometer, disposable needles online or buy them offline from reliable pharmacies such as Healthskool pharmacy.

This list of medical supplies and items will make you more comfortable to handle minor injuries or illnesses without having to panic and having to start ordering them on the spot.

Adequate supply of your individual Rx medications
Some of us have certain conditions or need a particular medication to be consumed on a daily basis. This could include someone in the house having thyroid, PCOD, a heart condition, blood pressure, sugar problem etc. For these conditions one can only have medications prescribed by your doctor. It is advised to buy a good stock of medicines as well as the equipment required to monitor these conditions such as glucometers, metformin, disposable needles online or offline. You need to have your prescription medicines along with that of your families, at all times. From antidepressants to inhalers to insulin to epi-pens, the things you cannot live without need to be with you.


It’s vital to have a thermometer handy at all times so your body temperature can be monitored if you’re feeling hot or feverish. Since fever is a symptom of CoVid-19 which can get out of hand if not treated from the start, a thermometer is essential to know if you have a fever so you can get tested and take the required steps. If your temperature rises over 100.4 Degrees Fahrenheit, a doctor must be consulted. If you have infants in the house, you should have rectal thermometers, and for the adults electric and non-electronic thermometers are fine. Electric thermometers may require calibration to ensure they are accurate.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and muscle relaxants are medicines that relieve you of pain and bring down fever. Medicines containing paracetamol such as Crocin and Dolo can be used to bring the fever down and should be stocked at home. Ibuprofen containing medicines such as Combiflam and Brufen are perfect for pain relief as they bring down the inflammation in the body that causes the pain. Apart from this Meftal Spas can be kept at home if you have painful periods. Muscle relaxants and fever reducing medicines come in handy more often than you realise. If someone plays a sport in the house, it would be wise to have a Volini spray or Amrutanjan roll on to provide muscle pain relief.

Bandages and antiseptic liquids
Getting a bruise, scrape or cut is very common and even more common if you have kids at home. It is a must to have bandages of all sizes and cotton gauze as well. Apart from this, antiseptic liquids such as Dettol or Savlon must be kept at home to wash the wound. Whether in liquid form, spray or soap form, antiseptics are used to rinse away the debris and germs from minor injuries. Antiseptic solutions are very commonly used in healthcare clinics, hospitals, surgical rooms and in many homes across India.

The items mentioned above are just a few of the essential medical supplies you must have at home but apart from that anti-allergies, decongestants, nausea medication, diarrhoea medicines, alcohol swabs, hot water bottle and other standard medical supplies must also be stocked. If you have any questions about the must haves especially during the time of the pandemic, you can reach out to Healthskool Pharmacy to get in touch with a pharmacist who can guide you and make the supplies available as well.

Finding a reliable 24 hour pharmacy near me can be a challenge, but our pharmacy is always here to help. With our experienced pharmacists and comprehensive range of medications, we’re committed to keeping you healthy and happy.

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