July 18, 2024

American teeth are notoriously expensive, and dentists are one of the highest income occupations in the United States. If you came to U.S as an F-1 student, your school will normally require you to purchase health insurance (美国医疗保险) during your study in U.S. (also known as美国留学). However, if you have graduated from school and luckily win the H-1B lottery (h1b抽签), and work under h1b visa (also known as (美国h1b签证) or applied green card(also known as 移民排期, you will have to choose your own insurance plan, such as huhu insurance (also known as 虎虎保险). This article will introduce 5 precautions if you want to correct teeth (美国 看牙) in U.S..

  1. The process of the correct tooth is usually hard and long. Before deciding on Orthodontics, you must carefully check the information and carefully consider your teeth. Determine whether you have the patience to spend a year or even a few years of energy and high cost to correct your teeth.

2. Care should be taken to clean the mouth and braces during the orthodontic process. You can buy a professional braces cleaner to ensure that the braces and retainers are clean and odor-free. The cleaning of the mouth is to brush your teeth and clear the stains in time. Don’t take off the braces and leave the teeth, but leave a dirty mouth and tone. 3. The final effect of the orthodontic is inseparable from the persistence after removing the braces. In general, the first year of the end of the orthodontic period must ensure that the holder is worn during the day and night, and after one year, it can be worn only at night. If you don’t stick to the retainer, your teeth may be loosened and squeezed into place, causing your previous efforts to go to waste.

4. The correct result should be maintained for the results of teeth. Many people have changed their face shape by listening to the letter on the Internet or the star, and they have changed the face. This has produced unrealistic expectations for orthodontic results. It is true that the orthodontics will change and affect the maxillofacial surface more or less, but the effect varies from person to person. The possible changes in the teeth themselves are more obvious, and the upper and lower troughs are not problematic, but the individual teeth are not uniform. The effect of the entire tooth on the jaw is not significant.

5. Is it good to do in U.S. or go back to home country? I believe this is a big problem for many small friends who have studied abroad. To do in home country are cheap, but it is inconvenient to go abroad and the quality is different; Correcting teeth in U.S. are more practical and more formal, but the price is indeed much more expensive. Everyone still has to pay attention to their own reality, it is worth noting that try to avoid referral. If you do it in China, you will come back and do it in the United States. Although many hospital doctors say that they can accept referral patients, in fact, the operation is very troublesome, and the types of braces used at home and abroad are different. The doctors before and after the referral have different understanding of the patients and are not easy to affect the results, so usually The final referral will become the removal of the original braces, and the cost is of course doubled.

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