July 18, 2024

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can manifest itself at any time and it usually is the result of one or more traumatic experiences. This medical condition typically occurs in military veterans; people who were in combat situations and the stress of that experience can come to the surface at any time. Other people who might suffer from PTSD are victims of abuse and first responders and this is one condition that can arise at any time.

Talking Therapy

This is most productive way to treat PTSD is sessions with a qualified PTAD counsellor; a practice such as Veteran Medical Services has a team of fully qualified and experienced counsellors that help their clients deal with PTSD. Talking about things really does help a person come to terms with their emotions and sessions might go on for months or even years before the patient cam come to terms with the condition. This is normally the first approach and therapy is the most productive form of treatment for PTSD. Some people respond positively after a few weeks of therapy, while others require a long period, it really does depend on the individual; we are all unique and therefore, we respond to things in our own way. Long-term therapy involves getting to the root of how you deal with emotions and this usually leads to a positive long-term outcome.


Prior to any treatment recommendations, a patient must be correctly diagnosed; certain physical ailments can result in mental health issues and such conditions might require medication or even surgery. A psychological evaluation involves learning more about the patient’s history and the symptoms they are experiencing. Specific events would be analysed in detail, along with the patient’s response and if the medical practitioner feels PSTD is the cause, a course of therapy sessions would be scheduled.

Learn About Powerful Tools

One of the most powerful aspects of treating PSTD is learning about skills that you can use to address how you respond to feelings/situations. A strong bond is formed between therapist and patient and this helps the patient gain the ability to self-treat whenever symptoms arise.

Strengthening Self-Esteem

This is a critical aspect of PTSD treatment, if a person has a low opinion of themself, this will compound the impact; a lot of time is spent helping the patient to understand that they are unique in every respect and by focusing on strengths and past achievements, the patient develops a better perception of who they are.

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