May 24, 2024

Like most people, you are probably multitasking all through the week. The ideal escape would be to just go to a nice beach destination and enjoy the sun, but again, who has the time these days? If relaxation and deep sense of calm are things you seek, a long weekend at the spa might be a great choice. The good part is the number of wellness centers & spas is increasing every day, and some spas have elaborate choice of massages, beauty services, body treatments and much more. In this post, we are discussing some of the things you need to try on a spa weekend.

Three amazing choices for every spa enthusiast

While you can always avail all the services mentioned below independently, we recommend that you spend follow them one after the other.

  • Body scrub. Body scrubbing involves using salt/sugar-based scrubs with essential oils, and the entire session is about exfoliation. This is not a massage, but the gentle hand strokes will feel relaxing. The session can last for about 30 minutes to an hour, followed by a bath. If the spa is using wet beds, the therapist will get your cleaned.
  • Body wrap. Body wraps include using a concoction of essential oils with other products, which are apply through a light massage, right after scrubbing. If you haven’t taken the choice of a body scrub, the session will start with some exfoliation, although not extensive, and this helps in opening up the pores. Body wraps can be hydrating, soothing, calming or relaxing.
  • Body massage. The third choice is a body massage, which basically involves a long, extended massage. You can choose to go for a deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage, and the session can last for about an hour to 90 minutes. Longer massages are often recommended for the best benefits.

Consider thermal experience

If you don’t want to go for scrubs and wraps, consider thermal experience as an option, although known and selected spas have the choice. Thermal experience involves alternating sessions of hot sauna or hot tub bath with an ice-cold shower or water dip. The sessions are repeated for at least a couple of times for the maximum benefit, and the entire experience can take about two to three hours. You can also combine this with a good Swedish massage.

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