July 18, 2024

Reasons to miss dental checkup are many like you are very busy, to save money, fear, etc. Are you aware that missing dental visit increases oral health risk, which in turn causes other health issues? If you are not then let’s understand the dangers of missing dental visits vs. benefits of regular visits.

What does regular dental visits mean?

The term ‘regular’ visit is used broadly. The precise timing changes from one person to another. Healthy people can go for an oral checkup every six months but if you are a smoker or have diabetes or gum disease or cavities or pregnant then ask your dentist if extra visits are needed.

What is the aim of regular visit to the dentist?

Regular dental visits include professional deep cleaning, which involves –

  • Removing buildup of tartar and plaque, if necessary, this can cause decay or gum disease, if ignored.
  • Floss between teeth
  • Polish and eliminate teeth stains
  • Suggest oral health tips

The dentist will also check your mouth for –

Tooth decay

Several people pay a visit to the dentist, when they cannot handle the crushing pain. This delay has formed a cavity in the tooth. If identified early, the area could be easy to treat and formation of painful and large cavities could be treated. You will need costly dental implants but fortunately visit http://quebecimplantologie.ca/prix-competitifs/ to resolve your tooth decay issue, at affordable price.

Gum disease 

Many people are not aware that they are suffering from gum disease. Major mouth issues get rooted like losing and loss of teeth. Studies even showed that gum disease can possibly cause heart disease. Early recognition and treatment before the disease increases is crucial, so skipping dental visit is not worth.


Diabetes and oral health are linked just like gums and heart health. Many people are not even aware about their diabetic condition, until the dentist identify these signs.

Oral cancer

Early identification of oral cancer help it easy to overcome with appropriate treatment. Sometimes oral cancer is asymptomatic for long and your dentist will be the first to detect it.

Never miss regular dental visits

Dentist visits are not only for teeth fixing. They help to protect your gums from plaque & tartar buildup, cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, bad breathe, and tooth loss. Catching small issues in your mouth before they escalate into big dilemmas and check any abnormalities which signal large health complications get prevented with keeping the regular dentist appointment. It makes a huge difference between early diagnosis of small dental issues along with a profound and costly treatment plan.

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